Environmental protection

With a conscious approach to environmental protection and saving resources our in-house R&D centre is always looking for innovative and sustainable solutions. In addition, we not only meet all environmental standards but also take responsibility for our production sites and the local region.

Closed circuit cooling, regenerative thermal exhaust air purification, heat recovery and collection of rainwater combined with an efficient logistics network using our own modern fleet of vehicles all contribute to reducing water and energy consumption. Based on our environmentally aware business practises we are working to minimize production waste at our production sites, sales offices and optimise processes in terms of their environmental and ecological impact.

Recycling as a part of our corporate identity

We are always seeking solutions how to re-use packaging after its use. Even at development stage we examine the potential of its recyclability. Our goal is achieved when we can develop a closed material loop. Papier-Mettler integrates the entire life cycle of a product – from point of manufacture to product use and its final disposal. We have been working continuously on our custom-developed recycling concept for paper and plastic since 1992.


Energy Management

We operate in accordance within the stringent guidelines of a complex quality management system and comprehensive energy management system.

Closed circuit cooling, regenerative thermal exhaust air purification, heat recovery and collection of rainwater combined with an efficient logistics network using our own modern fleet of vehicles all contribute to reduce environmental impact.

Further information on our energy management system can be made available to interested parties upon request and consultation.

Outstanding commitment

We are partnered with, and promote initiatives committed to environmental and climate protection and in particular support responsible use of plastics and plastic waste. Collaborating on ventures and internal projects with companies and associations in the plastics industry, NGO’s and politicians we hope to achieve our common goals.


Climateline Logo

One of the main goals of Papier-Mettler is to optimize our products and processes so that minimum energy is used which reduces our CO2e* emissions (*e = equivalent).

But now we have decided to go one step further. As a partner of Climateline – an initiative set up by business management company Zukunftswerk eG – we can offer climate-neutral packaging. We developed a calculation model which enables us to determine what level of emissions is generated during manufacture up to delivery of the product.

Papier-Mettler can then obtain an emission reduction certificate by sending a sum of money to Climateline. This money is used to sponsor certified climate protection initiatives.

Get involved and buy climate neutral packaging from Papier-Mettler. You can find out more here.

Waste Free Oceans Initiative

WFO Logo

Responsible human use of resources and products is paramount for us. With over 20 years experience Papier-Mettler is working together with retail customers to promote sustainable practise in Europe. Since the early 90’s Papier-Mettler has focussed on state-run waste disposal systems and commercial waste collection schemes as well as recycling film waste.

Using cutting-edge production machines and complex environmental, quality and safety management systems Papier-Mettler complies with stringent regulations. We are committed to reducing water and energy consumption as well as production waste at our production sites and sales offices as far as possible. Furthermore, we optimise our processes in terms of their environmental and economic impact.

By pursuing our sustainable activities supporting ocean protection we are making an important contribution in terms of responsible plastic use. In cooperation with other companies in the plastic industry, NGO’s and politicians we would like to contribute to marine protection and increase people’s awareness of the ever increasing volume of waste in our seas.

In order to actively promote the protection of marine habitats, Papier-Mettler joined the Initiative Waste Free Oceans (WFO) in July 2012. In collaboration with European fishermen, their goal is to reduce the disposal of waste at sea and in coastal areas of Europe. The fishermen’s boats are equipped with special nets enabling them haul 2 to 8 tonnes of waste from the sea on each trip. The waste is then sorted and recycled if possible.

At the WFO marine protection and recycling are meaningfully combined, whilst the fishermen benefit from it. You can find out more here.

Product protection

As part of the current environmental debate on packaging, the fact that packaging fulfils an important protective function takes a back seat. Packaging is very important for the economy, environment and everyday life. It guarantees the supply of food and provides medication, raw materials and everyday necessities.

First of all, packaging gives protection enabling products to be transported and stored securely. It also safeguards hygiene and quality and ensures a product is intact.

Excessive packaging wastes resources. If packaging is reduced to the point of the product being “under-packaged”, the risk will increase that the product could be damaged or spoiled and then disposed of. If you consider the overall environmental burden of a packaged product, it could actually increase pollution to the environment, using more resources than is actually needed for its own packaging. If goods are damaged due to the fact that we have cut back on the protective element of packaging, the environmental impact is increased.

Therefore, optimum packaging helps protect the environment.